Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To couch or not to couch?

B and I are thinking of getting a couch.

For most people, this is not news. For two people living in a teeny cottage, this is outrageous.

Getting a couch will mean a number of things. I swear, we live in a giant tetris game.

1) we will have to sell the old loveseat.
2) we will have to condense down the big bookshelf and sell that.
3) we will have to buy a new bookshelf (small) for some of the old bookshelf items.
4) we will have to organize the laundry room, which means that...
5) we will have to organize the side storage shed, so that we can partially utilize it, and also so we can find the two storage shelf unit thingies we want to use for organizing the laundry room.


But, we're growing incredibly tired of a loveseat. If B wants to lie down, it means I'm stuck with a teeny bottom space, and vice versa is true too. Though sticking the couch in the corner of the living room has been the best set-up thus far (there have been 2 other set-ups as we've tried to make things work), we need the couch to be more centered on the wall so that we don't cram outselves into a corner (which is what we do now). Centering means selling the bookshelf, and getting rid of the bookshelf means we might as well upgrade to a couch.

Still... will it be a new couch? Probably not. It will get a LOT of wear and tear, so something for a lesser price would be much nicer. And, we don't know if it will fit (physically and ascetically) in our next home. So why spend the bit bucks on a new couch?

Though, I do swoon after a new couch. But I'll save that desire for when it will not be sat on almost 24-7 between the furry beasts and the humans.

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  1. Tough call! We went through a similar dilemma for two years and we just bit the bullet and upgraded from a couch to a chaise sectional. We plan to add on to our house so wanted something that would fit in a new space too. I say if you find a good deal on something do it--might as well feel comfortable in your current situation! You can always Craigslist it again when you move and won't be out too much money.