Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wine was had, and it was good, but...

More fun were the seeing friends and chasing a naked 2 1/2 year old in the backyard.

Pool! Sandbox! Dinosaurs! Sandwich! Dog!

I finally sat down and put my feet up on the back deck coffee table, and here comes the boy, staring me down. Suddenly, caught in between Auntie Jess's ankles! Ridiculous fun! Ack, and her dress has layers (she had leggings on, so no inappropriateness).

So. Much. Fun.

Nothing like ignoring the fact that the 2.5 year old you're holding is a) naked, and b) could pee on you at any second (potty training in progress), but c), it's far more important than a or b to review his knowledge of colors. "What's that?" he must have said 50 times.

Lovely. Ovaries are not crying tonight. I like being an auntie. It means I get to hang a 2.5 year old upside down, dunk him in the kiddie pool, hear shrieks of joy, and then hand them over to the parental folks for bedtime and diaper changes.

Ya, and then Auntie Jess had wine.

Quite right, yes, quite right.

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