Monday, August 9, 2010

The Waiting Game.... And Goldie in the Shop.

I've written other posts about waiting, so this is not going to be another of the same.... Except to say I certainly hope good things come to those who wait!

This weekend, we finished up our fourth and final weekend of family in town. My folks came in on Thursday and left on Saturday.

And on Sunday? B and I did absolutely nothing. NOTHING. Nothing.

Well, maybe it just seemed that way. We did laze around. B felt like reorganizing and so he cleaned up the kitchen (bliss!). And, I did arrange for Goldie, my Toyota Camry, to be towed.

Yes, towed.

She overheated on Saturday. After poking around under the hood and thinking about various fluid levels last time I checked them, I suspected I had a fissure in my radiator. This morning, that was confirmed.

Good times.

Good news is that it should not be too pricey. A new radiator for my year of Camry runs about $100-$120, and I have a good mechanic. The bad thing is that I need to also have the timing belt replaced (my prerogative... it doesn't NEED to, but it SHOULD, mileage-wise). That might be a bit more pricey.

Thing is, when you are dealing with a 13-year old car, with 163,000 miles, any problem with it is cause for panic attacks. It's just not worth spending over a certain amount on the car. I feel like every mechanic trip for Goldie is a stomach-punch of worry. Will this be the final one?

This time: No (unless some surprise is given out).

And really, the amount worth spending does go somewhat up if multiple things are being done. Timing belt. Radiator. Hoses. The radiator? It's the original one. The timing belt? Has to be replaced every 60,000 anyway. If we get up closer to the painful figure of Goldie demise, it's much more reasonable to not sell her if these are NORMAL MAINTENANCE things to be done.

So, Goldie has likely escaped again. Camrys are good little cars, so long as you treat them well.

That was our weekend. Family on Saturday morning, then errands, then car breaking down. Walk home and off to B's work event.

And then off to be with friends and partake in a cocktail to help cool off after the car issue earlier in the day. Lovely. And much deserved. :)

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