Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hoofin' it when the car breaks down.

Goldie is abandoned. Goldie, by the way, is my Toyota Camry.

B and I were running errands today. We get back in the car after a quick stop and we hear a gurgly noise. Huh? I turn the car on (it'd only been off about 5 minutes), and the temperature gauge goes immediately to red hot.

Insert expletives.

We wandered around, wasting over an hour. Went to car. Car seems normal... for about 2 miles. Then red hot. Stop car, park in a lot, glad we did because "check engine" light just came on and a teeny steam (not smoke) coming from car.

Insert expletives.

Have to get to B's work function thing, so we hoof it home rather than call a tow truck. Approximately 2 miles, so not far, but seems farther in non-walking gear and a long sundress.... and a freaked out mental state as to the condition of one's car.

But, the walk gave me clarity:

I was told a few weeks ago that my coolant was not 100% full. I should have taken this as a head's up-- whyyyy was the tank not full? More than likely, there's a crack in the tank, which has gradually been leaking out coolant (which is why I did not see any on the ground-- gradually). The gurgly noise was likely from air in the tubes. The steam: from the radiator.


Good news is that if I'm correct, my camry repairs won't be too much. It may be a tad higher because it's an import car with supposedly a belt attached to the significant parts here, so that may make the labor more expensive.

We hope.

I'm taking Goldie to a highly recommended mechanic. Everything I've heard about them is good, their storefront is not fancy schmancy, and they're supposedly very personable and educated (and want to educate you). Hopefully, they can take care of business on Monday. We will see... it's summer in Oregon.

But, we live in bikeable limits, easily. We still have B's car. So we're fine if there's a little bit of a wait (which is why we're having the car towed home tomorrow rather than to the mechanic's... it needs to leave the lot, but we don't know if the mechanic's is an ok place just yet).

Still, that stressed-out walk home? There were tears. And you don't catch me that often to that level of frustration.

Much better now, and so will be the car.

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