Friday, August 6, 2010

Exciting things abound!

Another list today, as I'm quite short on time. This time, much more positive.

  • My parents are in town! These are the same people who kidnapped my dog and took her on an aviation-themed photo shoot the last time I saw them. No joke. Fun abounds!
  • My mom ate herself silly on berries and lemon cucumbers (she'd never had them) yesterday in my yard. I cannot tell you how happy this made me.
  • My dad and I got coffee at the best coffee place this morning. Mmmm.
  • I'm still awaiting some job news. I'm very hopeful, and no news still means the potential for good news.
  • Big project at work this week, but lots of diligence on it this week means I can leave a bit early for some family time today.
  • My father is a genius when it comes to analyzing quality of houses. I wish he had an information download button. I thought I was decent, but he notices some pretty crazy things.
  • Bought way too much meat, kinda accidentally, yesterday. Such things happen when you're trying really hard to not let someone else pay and so you don't review what exactly you bought. So now, instead of 4-8oz prime rib steaks, I have 4-1.3lb steaks. Um...
  • Warm weather. Warm weather is loved by tomatoes.
  • Saturday market tomorrow!
  • My house is clean. This alone could be this entire post for exciting news.
  • I bought more oats. Hopefully, my hens will stop their stupid egg protest now that I'm switching them back to this. I tried to switch to wheat again this week, but only getting 1-2 eggs a day will not hack it, girls. Good thing? Oats are $8/50-lb bag, whereas Wheat is $15/50-lb bag. Way to stay on a budget, ladies.
And that's all for right now!

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