Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New bed artwork

I decided it was LONG overdue for us to add SOMETHING to at least one of our bedroom walls. But, having found nothing at a recent art fair, I decided to just go homemade.

Perhaps a little simplistic, homemade, and trendy, but voila:

The ampersand is painted on the wall by yours truly, and the "MR" and "MRS" are cheap block letters I bought and spray painted. To be honest, I'm not SUPER happy with the block letters. Perhaps, someday, if we like this get up, I'll letter the MR and MRS onto the wall like the ampersand. But for now, I like it, and so does B. Super simple, but yet loving.

You may also notice that I took off the slate on the side tables. I decided they weren't working. And, honestly, neither is the gray color of the side tables. So, those will, at some point soon, also be changed.

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