Monday, July 11, 2011

Upgraded Bed Frame!

In April 2010, when we were in the old, cramped, bad apartment, we found a $25 bedframe on Craigslist and amped it up to a nice piece. It worked in our small loft, which was really fortunate. We wanted a better piece, but it's difficult to find pieces that work in small lofts.

When we bought our house this year, the old bed frame came along. While it worked with the current room, the piece wasn't exactly overwhelmingly fabulous.
BUT! Enter our find of last week: A BEAUTIFUL mission-style meets shaker-style bedframe. AND, we get to upgrade from a full bed to a queen. The piece is beautiful, and the ad included a new mattress set and new 2" memory foam topper.

It's a blissful sleep and such a beautiful piece. I was a bit worried that it would not go well with the gray walls (I was willing to deal with that since it is a beautiful piece), but it does go well in the room! Success.

The piece is very tall. The headboard is 4' tall, the footboard a little shorter. Tall enough for the box springs, mattress and topper without the frame getting covered. Love!

However, the golden retriever did wake me up the other night because he had managed to get his hind end stuck under the bed. With no rug under the bed, he wasn't able to wriggle himself out--- no traction under those paws. :)


  1. Thanks! The photos do not do it justice, if I say so myself. It's stunning. I love it. I need to figure out a way to take a photo of the footboard completely-- the slats are impressive. I'm so happy I found it!