Sunday, July 31, 2011

Night Owl, Honey.

Rumpole got out yesterday. He thinks he's a lion and loves to strut his stuff around the yard. Because of this tomboyishness (and other reasons), we don't like him being outside.
Usually, he regrets his decision to return to the wild within about 30 minutes, reappearing on the doorstep looking aloof but clearly wanting in. If it's super hot or super cold, this timeframe shortens dramatically.

But, yesterday, he did not return right away. It got dark. We went to bed. This morning, there's Rumpole, waiting to come inside.

Well, he must have been awake all night long, because this cat is useless today. Useless. Passed out, and I have not seen him awake for longer than 5 minutes. That'll teach him.

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