Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh yes. That makes a difference.

We're on the hunt for the fuse box tonight. Yes, the fuse box. NO idea where it is, and I'm massively ashamed I don't know where it's at. I mean, seriously. What kind of person doesn't know where their fuse box is? Apparently these two people.

Personal fail.

So I'm pondering with Bob tonight. Keep in mind it's hot outside.

Me: Maybe it's out behind the kitchen? Could it be outside?

Bob: Maybe. I don't know.

[Bob gets up from the chair]

Me, yelling after him, thinking he's going outside to check it out: You have to go around the other way since we have construction debris blocking the gate

Bob: Dear, I'm wearing boxers. I'm not going to go outside and check the fuse box in my underwear.

Me: Oh yes. That makes a difference.

Second failure of the evening.

Oh, and this post must end because the golden keeps licking my fingers, making each sentence take 10 drafts to write.

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