Sunday, August 7, 2011

That's not peanut butter in the hiking backpack.

Bob's currently ticked off at the two doggies. On an hour hike, they managed to poo a combined FOUR times. AND, since it was a loop hike, he couldn't hide the doggie poo bags somewhere for later pickup. So he had to carry the full bags.

Bob was incredulously unhappy with the two pups. There has been a lot of "Seriously? Four times??!" comments, all of which have been met with these looks:
I swear the short-legged one (the one responsible for 3 of the 4 incidents) did this on purpose-- she keeps smirking, especially when Bob goes on about her going 3 times. He keeps accusing her of storing it up for his enjoyment.

The golden boy I think was less aware, even though he's been given his fair share of Bob accusations too... mostly to the tune of "dang dog, it was the size of my arm. Seriously?"

This has been my morning. A husband raving about dog excrement and two silently giggling hounds.

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