Friday, August 19, 2011

Recycling store sale success!

Our town has a FANTASTIC recycling store, BRING Recycling. They're pretty much the most fantastic place to scavenge. Everything is well-organized into categories, but from there, you're on your own.

Once or twice a year, they have a big ol' sale. Now, often, you'll walk in on a normal day and find out that "hey, all doors are 50% off." That's cool... if you want a door. But, the big ol' sale? Everything is 40-50% off. EVERYTHING. Today, everything was 40% off. I went today, because I figured that when things go to 50% off tomorrow, it will be a) chaotic, and b) picked through.

Before I get to sharing my finds, I have to share this photo of how you transport a door in a Camry. This sucker was NOT GOING ANYWHERE, and yes, that is a t-shirt serving as a flag on the end. Hey, I had a flag, that's what matters. And of course, I got the typical guy who walked by and said "hey, you need help tying that in?" While I'm sure he was just trying to be friendly, the fact that I'm a girl does not mean that I am incapable of securing objects to my vehicle. My father taught me well. SIGH.

On to photos of the haul...

First up, for FREE: A DOOR! It's missing the glass on the top portion, but since I want to use it for the new chicken coop, it's PERFECT, since I can just staple gun or tack in wire there (which I prefer anyway). Most excellent. And if I have to cut it down, I can always chop some of the bottom portion off.

Next, speaking of wire: we have wire! 1/4" heavy gauge, wire. This stuff is raccoon-proof, meaning that if I forget to lock the door to the coop portion of the new coop, my girls will still be safe. Nice. Regular cost: $13, sale price: $7.80.
And, as you can see, there is plenty of wire in there. The roll was a 4' wide!

Next up: A large basket. We have a top-heavy living room plant. I can either spray paint or deeply clean this up (it's almost 2' tall!), stick some rocks in the bottom, and then put in the current pot the plant is in and weigh that down. Perfect. No more toppling. Price: $4. Sale price: $2.40.

A cute piece of homemade pottery in a glaze my husband will like. Regular price: $2. Sale price: $1.20.

And finally, a piece of granite. It's about 1'x18", so it is not a small slab. I've been toying of the idea of fixing one up with felt pads underneath and having it next to the stove as a chopping block/heat pad. Now? We have one. I just need to clean her up well.

Cost: $5. Sale price: $1 (because the guy was nice and measured it a different way for me).
It has a very nice grain to it too... can't wait to get it all spruced up.

So, the grand total? $12.40.

That's my kind of morning.

I was VERY tempted to get some metal roofing for the coop, but I think that's planning a bit too far ahead of time and might have ended badly. It was cheap enough that I can easily come back and get it when I need it. I was also quite tempted by a $17 wood bench that rocked back and forth. It needed new paint and some new hardware... and we have a bench already, so I decided against it. VERY tempting though.

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