Saturday, August 13, 2011

Purple Laundry Room

Since the laundry room is going to be mostly separate from the rest of the room, we decided to paint it a brighter color.

Now, keep in mind: there will be darkish, wood (well, pergo) floors, the ceiling and slant will be whiteish, and all trims will be a glossy white. There will be a tabletop eventually built over the stairwell and laundry machines, both to match (I'm thinking a pre-fab butcher block-type slab from Home Depot, stained to mostly match the floors).

But, in summation: Yes, we went with purple. It will be on the window wall and the vertical wall behind the laundry machines (which, since that wall is SO small and will be mostly covered by the tabletop, I may put it on a third wall too.
Here's the test patch. I thought it was a bit too day-glow, and Bob thought it was a bit too pastel. So, we both gave in to this color as a good compromise.
I stuck it on a good portion of the wall yesterday (I was on some cold meds and got a burst of energy). I actually like the color now. It does take quite a bit of envisioning though to see the whole room together, but I think I can do that at this point.

Here's a better close-up of the color. Remember, all that yellow will be white or glossy white (for trims), so I think it will look even better.

The next step: Finish texturing other walls and then paint those. And paint the slanty wall and ceiling above the laundry machines whiteish. Oh yea, and then there's the small task of MOVING the laundry machines, tearing out their subfloor (which I think will be a total pain, but I"ll get into that later), and installing the new floor....

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