Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delinquent Critters.

This is what I'm dealing with this morning (in addition to taking care of actual work items):
Yes, mucky paws on all three (we're watching someone's dog) pups, particularly the Golden Boy's (but only because Maddie is obsessed with her kiddie pool and therefore kinda cleans off and Mo has short fur that doesn't hold muck well). Why, you ask?
See that in the middle of the shot? It's a hole. Darn dogs were awfully quiet after about 20 minutes of running around. That should have sounded VERY loud alarm bells to me, but instead, I enjoyed the quiet. Now I have a hole.

Compile this with the great discovery of yesterday when I went outside and found three dogs (again, particularly the Golden Boy) tangled in string. I had used the string to map out the chicken coop footprint and STUPIDLY left it outside. I should have taken a photo of my yard, which looked like a giant, drunk spider had woven a very messed up web. Needless to say, the pups were ecstatic. I was not.

And finally, a photo of the victim/culprit from yesterday morning's feline drama. He's supposed to be a light cream color. Look at his side and you'll get just a brief idea of the gray I'm now dealing with. He LOATHES baths, and I have to resort to holding him by the nape of his neck while avoiding claws and trying to scrub him off.
Maybe this is a sign that I should just love and appreciate my now semi-gray cat? By the way, the back of his head is even worse. He's still somewhat grumpy from yesterday, so this is the best shot I could get.

So, right now? The dogs are locked in the kitchen, where I can see them through the gate and they are sleeping. The cats are locked upstairs, with all their food, water, and litter (this also means I can open the bottom of the windows, not just the tops, since no cats are around to push out screens. And, the chickens are quiet outside, gorging themselves on food. All delinquent critters accounted for! I'm having a cup of coffee and enjoying this chaos-free moment.

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