Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitchen Spectacular

Just had to share pictures of our incredibly clean kitchen. It took me several hours to deep-clean, but yikes, the results! LOVE.

Why was it so messy? It really wasn't bad... but those white cabinets sure show grime easily. And, with countertops so deep, we'd frequently just wipe the first foot and a half in, meaning a lot of dust and stuff got caught around stuff deeper in.
I rearranged a few things too.

Most spectacularly? The MICROWAVE!! Off of the kitchen counter and into the (newly rearranged and cleaned in this same deep cleaning) closet next to the fridge. It's airy enough that I feel comfortable with it in there, and it's been a rocking success. Plus, no more micro on the counter, taking up space.

So, that's what I did a couple days ago. Very very happy.

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