Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Scrapbooking Challenge (no backsie outties this time)

Remember my scrapbooking challenge to myself? And then how I backed out of it?

Well, new challenge!

I bought a Groupon for Blurb a few months back (with a deadline to use it), and I used it for our wedding album. The result? Love it. (and I promise I will post photos soon)

So... yesterday on Groupon came a new photobook coupon: $25 for a $75 coupon to, or $35 for a $100 coupon to

I didn't like some of the limitations from Blurb, so I immediately hopped on Picaboo and did a few sample scrapbook pages. I liked the freedom and ease for creating my own thing on Picaboo, so I decided to go for it.

Picaboo allows for up to 160 pages, so I budgeted out what that would be (worst case scenario, if I don't find a coupon to make it less!), and I decided to jump for the $100 coupon. At $35, it was a good deal...


When I went to check out, I had $30 groupon bucks! Apparently, I had referred 3 friends to Groupon. So, my purchase for a $100 of Picaboo product cost me $5.

The only catch? I have to use it by the middle of November.

I plan to try to put my 2010 photos in the album. Challenge. Here's hoping!

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