Monday, August 22, 2011

New cutting board

Remember last Friday when I picked up a chunk of granite at the recycling store? I'm pretty certain it's the cut out of a larger slab for someone's sink. It's the sink chunk.

Regardless, here was the before picture:

And a close-up. Dirty, but potential.

I scrubbed and lathered and cleaned that sucker up, big time. Once dry, I slapped a few felt stickies on the bottom so it wouldn't scratch the wood countertop. I'll have to be good about checking them frequently to make sure they didn't get wet and are getting gross.

So.... voila:

I think the size is just about perfect! Love the results and having it so close to the stove to handle hot items.

Right now, it has 20 cans of canned peaches on top of it. I found that when I put my freshly canned jars on the wood, they left circles I had to scrub. Now, with this? I can just put them on top of the granite!

Overall? Total success.

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