Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dinner Quest: Indian

Bob and I decided that we'd try to a) have more people over and b) expand our recipe collection.

So, combining those things together, we decided, each month, to focus on a new geographic area. This would force us away from comfort zones in foods. We'd try 1-2 new recipes a week. Then, at the end of the month, we'd pick our favorite 4 or so recipes and have a dinner party. This month, we're inviting two couples, but we've asked that each couple try to bring at least another person or couple.

This month we're doing Indian food.

Yes, I realize there are a LOT of food subcultures within the "Indian" category, but since we're just starting out, we're going to stick with just "Indian." That's easiest.

AND, tonight's the first night, where I'm cooking delhi murgh kakari (a Delhi chicken curry) and saag aloo (spinach with potatoes). I thought about making naan too (I've done that before), but oh, the store happened to have naan on clearance, so we've got that covered. Making naan is on the to do list before the month is out. Gotta have that naan.

I'm pretty excited. I like that this is somewhat forcing us to break out of our comfort zone. And, our city is pretty good for something like this, since we have a few stores with great spice selections in the bulk bin section. We also have several Asian markets (and Hispanic too), so we're pretty good and covered when it comes to the more unusual ingredients.

Results to come...

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