Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shifting focus.

Bob's grandmother did not have a good day today. And, as a result, the rest of the family did not have a good day. We might be a small bunch, but we're a mighty bunch, this family, and when we worry, we worry mightily. And today, we shifted focus away from whatever it was we had planned to focus on, and we thought of and worried about family in Ohio.

Bob and I love both of our sets of parents massively... and so, today's problems serve as a reminder how very special our families are to us. We also want to transport ourselves the 2300 miles to Ohio. I know Bob really wants to be with his dad (and everyone else too).

So, for now, we're connected by phone and internet (well, and those heartstrings that are being tugged on by folks in the Buckeye State).

Hang in there, Kaiser folks to the east: We're thinking of you and love you.

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