Monday, November 7, 2011

Another closet redo-- this one is personal!

I know. I've been on a closet redoing kick recently. First came the dining room closet redo and then our new wine closet. Well, with all those recent closet redos, I had to ask myself why I hadn't tackled the closet used the most by me: MY bedroom closet. Bob has his own, I have mine... and mine was not hacking it. It wasn't really my fault... it was the closet set-up. I also decided that this closet? It would be an almost FREE REDO. I was headset on doing this as cheaply (but having a nice end-product) as possible.

I focused on the standing closet portion. This part is a true closet: Door. Rod. Shelf. Now, next to this closet there are two built-in drawers and two, large, built-in cabinets. Those I'll tackle later. I really only use the two drawers, so I have to think awhile about the cabinets.

So, here are the embarrassing "before" photos (and I removed some of my hanging clothes before taking these photos):

And, oy, the shoe situation. What a mess.

The top shelf was so high that it was above the doorframe, making it really hard to access and to get stuff up there. As a result, it was a mess.

And now, I'm much happier to share the "AFTER" photos!
Left side...
Right side...

Breathe a sigh of organized relief.

The room was painted with leftover paint from the other closets and upstairs. Shelves were put in. Organization occurred. And a light (ooh, a light!) was placed on the shelf. Swoon.

I did a number of projects which I'll expand upon sometime soon. One of them is my new necklace organizer (again, all using items I already had):

Another project (also using items I already had) was the hanging earring holder:

Had to drop in a photo of my new hat (purchased almost for free with a discount and another $$ off coupon this afternoon, woot! LOVE it.):

And also had to point out what I used to display it: One of my blue candleholders (maybe it won't get animal fur on it this way)!

There are three shelves on the left-hand side, constructed with leftover scraps from building new slats for our bed and building new front stairs. I then covered them in leftover flooring from upstairs.

The mirror, I already had (and, actually, it was free because I traded some items for it at a vintage store):

I reused hooks that we had from our last home to hang my bags and purses high up on the right-hand side. They're out of the way, but, yet, easily reachable.

The hooks also hold my "fun-to-wear-but-difficult-to-store" sunhat.

I reused the top shelf and covered it in flooring too. I just moved it down about 4'. Nice. I have plans on putting trim or tile on the outside edge of the shelves... but I haven't yet. We'll see.

All my stud earrings, pendants, metal chain necklaces, pins, and watches are all in my inlaid boxes (I have a small collection of Syrian inlaid boxes):

We have a hallway shoe rack for most of our everyday shoes, but my less-used pumps and boots cause a headache for organization. So, I bought clear plastic shoeboxes.

And, finally, I reoriented the closet door so it opens on the side that makes sense:

So, this is my new haven. I love it. It makes me so happy! I've also found that the nicer and more organized a space is, the nicer I keep it. So far, that's true with this closet!

Total closet cost (hat not counted): $2 for a brand-new reed scent diffuser. The closet now smells like vanilla sugar cookies. A very well spent $2.


  1. Oh, I have been looking for a jewelry/accessory organizer for FOREVER!!! IDEA STEALING! How'd you make the necklace one?

  2. So cute!!! That closet has more charm than most people's homes!