Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm blue for you, blue blue blue blue blue!

We went blue in the office this weekend. And, we're ecstatic for the results!

It was a plain, light beige before. That's all well and fine, but you couldn't really see the trim/molding details. Plus, unlike other rooms in the house, there were no coved ceilings, so we could go bold without having to take it to the ceiling.

So we did. And yowza! We like the results. And so, without further ado, here are the before/after pics. They are only the paint before/after. Decorating details are soon to come in a future post.

Boring corner before:

And boring corner after! Taking the photos at night produced a reasonable blue. The real blue is a bit darker. I know the quality is poor, but indoors, during rainy, dark, outdoor weather in the Pacific Northwest= very little natural lighting. But, I think you'll still get the picture that it's a big change.

Doorway and partial closet before (ok, with a small area painted... I literally dropped the paintbrush and ran for my camera when I realized I lacked "before" photos!):


Closet and windows before:

And after:

Other semi-boring corner before (complete with the husband's goofy sign):

And after!

We're pretty darn happy. And now we get to fix it up. Wait until you see what we found!

Such a big change from yesterday when the room contained:
* All the stuff to go into the room
* Over six bags' worth of stuff to be donated (we'd been gathering up for a while)
* All our Christmas presents we've already purchased (yes, really. I'm on top things this year)
* A box of dried lavender
* Four boxes of various appliances that we needed to decide to keep or chuck
* Three other large boxes that needed to be collaped into recycling
* Ten cans of paint from various projects
* Three huge boxes of house project stuffs
* A stack of frames (for the office)
* Two lamps
* Three piles of laundry (all nicely folded... but still, not put away)
* A toolbox
* Two backpacking packs and one large gunnysack full of camping gear
* A yoga mat
* A sleeping bag
* Three empty canning jar boxes (collapsed into recycling) and three full boxes of canning jars.

Yes, it was a total and complete mess.

And now? SO MUCH BETTER. Slowly but surely, everything in our house is getting a home.

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