Monday, November 14, 2011

What's your beef?

Well, we know what ... or should I say WHERE our beef is!

It went from in my trunk...

To a then-almost-empty freezer...
And voila! From left to right: Steaks and ribs/ chicken, pork loin and pesto/ roasts, soup bones, and dog bones/ ground beef.
This is the result of us buying a half-share of beef from a local farmer. He only had a herd of thee (this was no feed lot), and each one spent its life eating in a nice pasture, on organic grass.

YUM. And, what's extra neat? The flat rate per pound was cheaper than I could ever even find ground beef at the store. And, I know that all this meat came from ONE ANIMAL. No weird cross contamination. It's especially nice with the ground beef. The meat in one of the one-lb packages? Came from one animal, rather than possibly hundreds.

Nice indeed. We support our local farmers!

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  1. That is a well stocked freezer!! Congrats on your beef share, I bet it tastes amazing!