Monday, November 14, 2011

Cat Cupboard Completion.

This new cupboard now lives upstairs. Sorry for the poor photos, but we have lacked good natural lighting for a while now with winter settling in up here in the Pac NW.

It's cute, painted white, and has small plant etchings/carvings on the front (not too many, just the right amount).

But, there is a reason why the cats love this new cupboard... (case in point, Paddington posing...)

It still needs two new knobs... and a patch job for where a key used to be used, but let's ignore that for a second and focus instead on the utility of the cupboard.

It houses the new cat box. Applause. We wanted something small and compact, so we opted for this $9.99 cupboard from Goodwill. I fixed it up with new paint, and cut a hole in the back for the big bin. With our slanted ceilings upstairs, I knew we could have the bin sticking out in the back and still have it be relatively hidden. We've trained the cats to go in a cupboard thing a long time ago, but it was pretty big and not great at keeping the mess down.

The new box? It's a big rubbermaid container. 1) Easy to clean, 2) DEEP (to keep pawing cats from kicking out litter), 3) Easily replaceable if it gets gross, and 4) IT HAS A LID-- on top of which we can store the scooper, if we want. Success on all accounts. I have a mat that will go in between the box doorway and the cat doorway, to hopefully catch the occasional litter piece.

I cut a small outdoor hole for the cats to get into the cupboard. You can also see where I built a little stand for the back of the box where it sticks out. But, given the slant of the ceiling? It's not very noticeable (unless you squeeze into the back area where I was to take this photo).

So yes. It's the new cupboard upstairs.

It's a bit of an experiment (smell and mess-wise), but a very inexpensive one. Here's hoping!

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