Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Window, window on the wall.

A while back, I mentioned we bought a vintage, 6-pane window. It was inexpensive; on sale at the nearby recycle store. We wanted to use the panes as a dry-erase board (you can do that on glass). I initially painted the old-looking pane blue...

But that didn't really float my boat. I think part of the problem was we left the panes clear. So, I painted the entire back white (including the panes!), and painted the front (covering the glass on front) a orangy red color called "Paprika."

And, it is now finally hung in our kitchen:

It took me a while to figure out how to hang it. I was just going to wire it, but that's a pain and relatively unstable. We needed stability if we were going to use this sucker. So, I ended up getting eyehooks and bathrobe hooks. That works perfectly! And, if we ever need to take it off for a bit, we can easily unhook the entire thing (not that I plan to).

And yes, I do love how you can still see the old crackles from the old paint. This is an example of how my laziness--- in not stripping the unit of old paint--- is a good thing.

The kitchen is slowing coming together. It was already a pretty "together" kitchen, but now we're beginning to add some touches. This is one of them, and we both like it!

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