Saturday, October 15, 2011

Frame wall progress

Eleven frames are done for the frame wall! I've been SO tempted to put a) color photos in and b) put them in without matting, but they do look so much better with both those things that I'm trying not to capitulate.

First up: A print we've had forever, but never found a frame for it. Now we have a frame AND it's double-matted!

Remember that stamp frame? Here it is with the same matting and frame painted, holding our wooden wedding invitation.

I went out and scanned old photos that were in color, and I came back with 12 5x7s and 4 8x10s. We also had 4 photos that were already in black and white. Artwork+ letters + photographs: I think we'll have a full wall.

Here is the final frame of Shirley and me riding in 1990:
And Bob's dad washing his dog:

Another artwork piece, this time by Noelle Dass:

Bob's and his sister when they were children:

Wedding photo:

Bailey pup photo (I LOVE this photo):

Bob's parents:

Bob's grandparents:

And another art print!


And yes, that's only 7 photos... and we have 20 (at least) total. Much more work to do.

I really want to start hanging, but I think I'm better off to wait until after everything is done so I can arrange things on the floor first and then hang. And, I still need to fix up a few prints with better hanging equipment. We plan on hanging each photo with a nail and then use one of the picture frame velcro strip thingies to keep each picture even and aligned.

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