Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello beautiful chair.

Hello beautiful.

You're no longer in stock, but my, you look a lot like your $300 friend. And you're both from the same place (Pottery Barn).

But wait, you were $25? And you're one of a set of twins???
SOLD. Sold sold sold.

I should add that similar PB chairs are also in the $350 range. Our chairs were $50, for the pair. That's a $650 savings. Really.

I saw the ad for these beauties this afternoon. Two look-like-new-with-good-upholstery chairs from Pottery Barn at a new secondhand store that I'd never been in? Adventure! After lunch with my husband, I raced on over.

The store was adorable, full of stuff I actually like... a good vintage vibe without the rip-you-off prices. I bought the chairs and a peaceful Buddha lamp that we'll put in the office or the soon-to-be-revealed (ok, it may take a month or so) upstairs reading room.

I had been looking for a nice chair, and, upon finding TWO, I immediately tried to figure out where to put the other chair (because who wants to separate a PAIR???). Bob and I decided that we'd swap out our cream leather chair for one of these pairs, moving the cream one upstairs. The rocking chair, set to go upstairs anyway, will be also swapped out, so the other one of the pair will live in the office, serving as a better home for collecting Bob's suits and for an office desk chair.

I'm still swooning. And someday, if/when the upholstery fails? They can easily be reupholstered. Double bonus, extra swoon.

PS: The day was full of blink dumbly in disbelief scores. Amazing, wonderful finds. More to come in the next post.

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