Monday, October 24, 2011

Freshly-painted front door.

We needed to paint our front door. After slapping a sample color on it a few weeks ago (French Dark Chocolate by Glidden), I really needed to get around to actually painting it. And: Voila!

Here's the obligatory "before" picture: A faded grayish blue with no gloss. Also note: The hardware on the door didn't match the hardware before, so there was a bare spot AND a small hole. This was courtesy of the prior owners, and it was driving us NUTS. You can see the sample new color in a section on the top of the door.

Yes, much better. It also has some gloss to it too (sprayed on afterward), so that's nice.

I also treated the stoop. Now it's durable, a good color for not showing too much grime, and looks purdy.

We had though about stripping the front door down to the wood and then treating it with a cedar stain. We're suckers for craftsman doors. But, we found out from a neighbor that the owners two owners ago had tried that, and the door began to deteriorate. Had to scrap that idea. When I took off the kick plate and the grate bottom, I realized that the door is not the greatest-- lots of water weakening. The door is still solid, but in a few years, we'll (aww shucks!) have to replace it with a prettier door!


  1. Ooooh, very nice! We really need to do something with our old door, it was drawn on by a child at some point in it's history, and had all sorts of holes and scuffs. It needs a little love, but I haven't been brave enough to tackle it yet.

    Your house must be so happy that it has you for an owner! It's really looking great!

  2. Aww, thanks! We do love our house.

    You know, near us there is a great recycle store where we can get doors SUPER cheap. I'm wondering if there's one near you? You could repurpose your holy/scuffy door for another project!