Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stained glass update

On Friday, I posted about snagging this stained glass on Thursday. I had plans on hanging it, most likely, in the dining room window (the window in the photo below).

This dining room window is also the one in the center/rightish side of this picture:
It's a large window and looks out at our front yard. PERFECT for a stained glass window.

I looked at the stained glass and thought "it'll likely fit there... and for $20, I'll find another place for it if the dining window doesn't fly."

Well, I measured. I gawked. I fake hung it up (by holding it, agape, in the window).

IT FITS PERFECTLY. As in, it looks like it is original to the house, especially with the glossy white enamel paint I'm putting on the frame. No awkward fit. No questions asked.

Shocking how sometimes things work out so fittingly.


  1. That stained glass has to be one of the best finds ever. It's so beautiful! How perfect that you find it and it's exactly the right fit!

  2. Thank you! I was so shocked to find it. Rarely is it that I spend more than $20 on something at Goodwill, but this was too good to pass up. It's currently waiting to be finished on the table, along with a bunch of other projects. But, it will have to wait: I'm determined to get the flooring done upstairs!

  3. Indeed, it's excellent that the stained glass fits perfectly. It's going to look good in your home. Good for you!

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