Sunday, October 9, 2011

Free frame (or free stamps?) !

The colors changed today at Goodwill (so certain colors are 50% off), meaning I ran over there to check out their frames for our frame wall project that we'll slowly start doing. We want to have a wall of frames, and the hope is, we'll get our frames super cheap, spray paint them to mostly all match (and update old frames), and we'll have mats made to fit our pictures to the frames. MUCH cheaper than having custom frames made.

The color today was not blue, but I liked this frame anyway. Glass cover (not plastic), good wood bones. $5.99 isn't a bad price.
But then I realized: Inside the frame are stamps! And they're not sealed to the paper (so, they could still be used). I counted it up and realized there was $6.60 in stamps alone inside the frame.

So, you could say I got a free frame or I got free stamps!

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