Sunday, October 16, 2011

Morning wreath project

Just a quick wreath project this morning. Very fall-ish and a nice pop of color. It was the husband's idea to add the flowers for "an extra pop of interest." I think craft projects are rubbing off on him. Victory!


  1. So pretty!! Perfect fall colors, too. Those colors are exactly what I saw on my drive this morning. The flowers are a nice touch!

    BTW, is that a birdie door knocker?? I love it!

  2. Thank you! I just continued my American Pickers marathon and the project pretty quickly got finished. That's my show of choice for recent projects... though I'm now out of episodes as of tonight. Sigh...

    Yes, it's a birdie knocker! It actually works better with the bird hung in the other direction, but it just looks weird to me like that. I almost never buy from the store (too much $$ for what you are getting, generally), but it was a splurge from Anthropologie when we first moved in our home.