Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cat update and still sick

Paddington went to the vet, and he has inflamed gums. It may be from his two teeth, but right now, those aren't the main issue. He's on some strong meds (started off with an injection tonight) to cause the inflammation to go down (poor thing-- his gums are cherry red). The vet likened it to if a human had badly burnt his/her entire mouth.

So, his kibble causes irritation because it's hard and scratchy. But wet food could cause irritation too because of the high salt content (think lemon juice in a cut). I think I'm going to try wet food tonight, mostly because he thinks it's so special (it's true, he hardly ever gets it) and that may overwhelm any salty pain.

The other kitties will hate him though, as he gets "special" treatment and they get dry food.

I think Pads was already feeling better today. Strange how sometimes animals understand, isn't it? Or at least they act like they do? He was very sullen and quiet at the vet's. Let the vet do anything he want. Very scared cat. And then about three hours after we got home? He was noticeably happier than he has been. Very vocal and twittery. Maybe it's the drugs working their magic. I hope so.

On another note, I wish the vet could issue human medication. I'm still sick. It's like there's a semi in my head and it's honking. Ugh.

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