Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fun projects!

My delightful husband has kidnapped my camera at his work, so I still remain photoless. SOON!

Life has settled down, and projects have been accomplished. Now I'm enjoying things without the stress.

Today's list?
* Go to work and get some work done (it's been SLOOOOOW with the holidays)
* Bake cookies for B's work.

Those are the only two things that HAVE to get done. Honestly? I'd love to work on two more projects too:

1) Planter boxes on the deck railing for strawberries
2) COLD FRAME for the garden!!!

I am so excited about my cold frame. When we got the cottage, the big backyard came with a ton of remnants from the previous tenant, including this huge, 10'(L)x7' (W)x6' (H) white, PVC pipe frame. I think she had used it for vines. Anyway, it's out there all abandoned, and I thought: Why not turn it into a cold frame? Arugula, cabbage, kale, and carrots grow well right now, and then we could use it eventually for our seedlings.

I think the best place to put it is on our deck. It'd make the whole thing warmer and less exposed. The wind tends to enter the backyard at one location, and on the deck, the frame would be sheltered. Plus, we could better keep the moisture out from rain.

The cold frame is not really a greenhouse. It protects plants to a point, but it's not like you can grow summertime things in there. Cold frames just give the hardy plants a boost. Upping it to being warmer during the day and keeping the cold from biting quite as much during the day.

I think the lower 3' of the frame, all around, will be dark and solid. Wood, plastic YOU NAME IT. Why? Because you don't really need it, and the more you can insulate, the better the frame will help your veggies. And hard surfaces insulate better than flimsy plastic.

The top 3' of the frame will be clear. It has to be for the plants to get any sunlight! We will see.... hmm hmmm.....

Anyway, photos to come, I promise. The cold frame project hasn't started yet, so hopefully, the camera will come home by the time it does. I also really need to take some "before" photos of the backyard. That way, if the garden does actually take off this summer, I will have the photos to prove it. :)

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