Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Move....

Well doggone it!

Long story short, there was a misunderstanding between me and the new landlords, resulting in us not being able to move into our new place yesterday. DRAT!

Initially, we were going to move in this upcoming weekend, so we wanted to actually start paying rent around 12/10 or 11. The landlords said "well, it will be available come the 7th, so why don't we do a walk-through and give you the keys at that time?" They interpreted it as us still wanting to move in around the 10th or 11th, and we interpreted that as we could get the house on the 7th.

Well, we arrived yesterday to find the house not cleaned and not painted. ARG! The landlords thought they had more time, so they took more time. In retrospect, yea, I should have called them to absolutely positively confirm the unit's availability of the 7th, but I didn't. We had to pack and move in basically two days' time, so there were other concerns.

So, we called off the moving crew (a group of friends and coworkers to help us unload the truck), and hopefully, we can reconvene later this week. The painting is happening today, so hopefully they'll FINISH today and we can move in tomorrow. If not, Thursday it is.

Our dog is still at our friends' house, as is our moving truck. The cats are with us in the hotel room. We have a few baskets of clothing (which we are beginning to quickly run out of clean ones...) and our bathroom-type supplies.

My hand is healing nicely; the cat jumped off my hand and sliced open one of my fingers. It swelled up pretty badly and the doctor even thought it was a few days old (in reality: 9 hours old). They decided no stitches, but they put me on antibiotics to reduce the swelling. Right now? I can bend it and everything, but it does itch. I can live through that though. I guess another few days without moving is an ok thing... it gives me more of a chance to heal and then be able to help move more.

After seeing the cottage yesterday, we still love it. The closet is much smaller than we remember, but we found out there's an additional storage area on the side of the house. Woo! We'll figure out something. We really pared down our clothing, so we'll see what happens. Maybe we'll just use the closet for clothing that needs to be hung up? We'll see...

And yes yes, photos soon, I promise. We kind of have to get into the house first, you know.... :)

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