Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It was 13 degrees today when I got up and 19 when I left the hotel.

I know... there are probably those of you out there who are saying "big deal. Those temps hit our area in September. You are a wimp."

Well, yes, I am a wimp. Generally speaking? I love the cold. This unusual cold snap (it gets down to those temps, but usually a) warms up in the day and b) is only for a day or two at most) would generally thrill me.


We're in a freakin' hotel! There's a constant in and out that has to occur. Our things? They're on a moving truck, and I woke up this morning scared that all my canning jars and vinegars and and and... had frozen and thus exploded.

Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh.

There's nothing I can do about it right now. I mean, what are my options? Unpack the whole truck and then keep the canned goods in our hotel room? Not worth the time, effort, or the resulting lack of space.

And all of our clothing? On the truck as well. I'm pretty sure a human can weather anything with the right gear. We loaded ourselves up with a coat or two, but it was, you know, about 30-35 degree weather gear. So far, I have bought 2 sweaters (yay second hand store for $5), mittens and a head wrap ($3, yay Walmart), and a big puffy jacket (on sale at Walmart for $7). I know that's not too bad, but I still hate that I've had to buy things when I have things ON A TRUCK!

Both B and I did not sleep well last night. I think we're both restless and exhausted. We just want to have our things, be moved in and be DONE with everything.

The cats are sneezy. We hope it's just the dryness in the air (it's super cold and dry. If it was rainy it'd be snowing big time). Regardless, now we have to be extra careful in moving them due to them possibly having colds. We are generally careful, but you know what I mean.

BIG SIGH. And with that, I'll finish whining and get to work ....

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  1. Oh Girl you have every reason to whine, that is cold. And you in the middle of moving, that equals no fun. I really hope all your things handled the cold well. Good luck on your move!