Thursday, December 17, 2009

Money Oddities.

I'm met with a few odd statements today from people I know... so I thought I'd post (they don't read the blog). Yes, the underlying issue is money, but I thought it was amusing.

I've determined everyone wants to complain about money.

Person #1:
"I don't have enough money! Why am I always waiting for my paycheck! Wah!"

Then person #1 goes and hires movers for their short move. And moves into a nice rental house, not apartment.

Is it just me? B and I have a decent income, but since we don't have a house (and thus, more heavy furniture) and we don't have any children (that would make moving yourself more difficult), we couldn't really justify the cost of not moving ourselves. And, I'm not talking about a move across the country. These people a) were not moving from a house, b) have no children, and c) were not moving far. It just strikes me as wrong... I dunno. Thoughts?

Person #2:
"I never buy anything for myself. Ever. There just isn't the money for it."

This person is going on a tropical vacation in a few weeks.

Maybe it's just me. We live well, a little stingily at times, but well. Not too stingily as to not enjoy ourselves. We tell ourselves that planning now will mean more things to enjoy later on. Is that the right method to live by? We do splurge, just not on tropical vacations or movers.

It just seems like right now, there are similar folks all around us that are not doing the things we are money-wise. I'm not tempted to "keep up with the joneses" or be a lemming, but still.

Maybe this all boils down to that I wanna go on vacation....

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  1. I think it has to do with personal priorities.