Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not enough time

So, we're in our house. And we've unpacked the essentials and squirreled everything else away so the house looks 100% unpacked. It's lovely. And we're tired.

I'm a bit sad though. Why did this all have to go down at Christmastime? I had grand plans, GRAND plans, I tell you. I knew what everyone was getting, and I knew what homemade presents I wanted to tackle.

I wanted to make cookies. I wanted to make soaps, lotions, bathsalts and slippers. I wanted handmade dough ornaments on our tree that B and I would treasure for years as reminders of our first Christmas together.

But DASH that all. The doggone move. A whirlwind of packing in 2.5 days, followed by what we thought would be 5 days of homelessness that turned out to be 8. A cold weather spell that chilled us to the bone and prompted the buying of ridiculous (but warm) puffy jackets. And now, rain that won't let up and a front walkway that was not raked this fall, so the leaves are decomposing and makes our feet leave muddy footprints on our beautiful wood floors. And my garlic needs to be planted. And all our coats are on our table because I don't have hooks for our coatrack.


So right now, I'm at work, quickly typing out this message. And also right now, my house is invaded with fixers and plumbers, fixing up various things that the landlord and we discovered were not right. We'll finally have a working kitchen sink, which means all the nasty dishes can get washed and I can actually USE the kitchen. The dog is in her kennel, probably looking all woeful that she cannot play with her workman friends. And the cats are in the car. Again.

I swear to you, my car may never be clean again. BOTH our cars look like they've been through a few rounds of teenagers. UGH! Stuff everywhere. Gum wrappers. B even has part of a spilled milkshake on his automatic shifter (I know... who spills something like that and doesn't clean it up? Ew, yuck, disgusting, but I still love him.). It's gross. Gross and nasty.

And, my car still smells like vinegar due to the horrible day I had last week when a HALF GALLON OF WHITE VINEGAR SPILLED in the backseat of my car. It's gross. HOW do you get that smell out?! You can't use baking powder, unless you want a gigantic foaming volcano in the backseat. I've already doused it with some other smells, but I'm at a bit of a loss on this one.

I JUST WANT CHRISTMAS, DARN IT! The Christmas I had been hoping for. The one where I make Martha Stewart-quality labels for gifts and delightfulness. The joyful one, NOT the stressed out one.

Oh and? It's my birthday on Thursday, not that any of my friends are going to remember because the last month? Too crazy to plan or do anything. Ok, that was a bit of self-serving mopiness. Sorry. I'm just grumpy. And really tired of running around like a headless, homeless, cold chicken covered in cat fur.

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