Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad dog mom.

My Maddie is now black, reddish brown, white and semi-glossy enamel white. I swear that dog doesn't know she has a back end. She's very careful to navigate the first 2 feet of her body, but the last foot often gets forgotten about. Jumping on something? Left scurrying with the back legs to get up because they're scrambling up. Bumping into stuff. Being surprised when you pat her on the rump, as if "hey there what now? I have a back foot of my body?" Chasing her non-existent tail.

This all became evident again with yesterday's indoor paint project. Someone's behind now has a splotch of white from bumping into a still-wet piece of furniture. Front 2/3s? Ok. Back third? Semi-glossy enamel white splotch.

I am a bad dog mom.

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