Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ocean dog!

Last weekend, we went to the coast one morning. It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to risk it and trot over to Florence. I say "risk" because it can be gorgeous inland and nasty at the coast.

AND, it was Maddie's first time out there, so we were excited.

She was excited too. First, the air conditioning vent was exciting in the car...
Then, the sunbeams on her when she was in the back seat were lovely.
Gratuitous butt shot. It's just so fluffy!!!

Sitting in the surf. We went to a beach where the waves don't crash right on shore, that way she could go off-leash and we wouldn't have to worried about our doggie girl getting sucked by waves.
She was pretty amazed with the whole bit.
She was very good about staying near us off-leash. But SO much to explore!
30 minutes in, she was still going strong.
Water! Jump!
Afterwards, we wanted to go to Moes for lunch, but since it was a bit warm, we didn't want to leave Maddie in the car. So, we went to A&W... the old kind with the drive up, clip-the-tray-on-your-windshield type. I always cringe when they clip that on my windshield.

We didn't want Mads to eat too much, since the drive back was a bit windy. But, she was perfectly content to lick our empty boxes. Oh gosh, was she thrilled. She even got a slight chili stain on her nose.
Obviously, the treat was enjoyed by her.
Oh, but the post-A&W stomach. Happy and full, but almost too much.
Oh, so happy, so full, too much.
Nah, she's fine. It was the humans who were particularly regretting it.

So that was our morning. We had a great time. She did not try to drink the saltwater or eat every bit of gunk she could find, which makes us pretty excited to take her out there again. She liked the water too, but not too much, so I suspect we'll probably let her off-leash in calm areas, but stay on-leash in areas that have too much wild surf.

She slept most of the way home.

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