Friday, April 30, 2010

The power of the GROUND CHERRY

FINALLY, we have GROUND CHERRY GERMINATION!!! Yes, and I love that the newspaper behind this one seedling reads as it does.
Yes, it's one, and it's barely there. But, I'm hoping one showing means in the next two days, more will show too. I need to start another flat of ground cherries tonight too.

There is also basil germination in my 3'x6' outdoor basil bed. This makes me pretty darn happy, since I wasn't expecting much out of this bed until I covered it. Woo!

Next up, we have.... GYPSY PEPPER GERMINATION! Again, totally excited. I have another packet of gypsy peppers coming (I only had 15 seeds for this round), so I want to get those started asap. There are at least 6 plants here.

I had some leftover tomato seeds, so I thought "eeh, might as well start those too." Of course they germinated.

Yesterday, I also discovered new heads of potato sprouts popping up! SO far, only my yukon gold potatoes have shown themselves. I'm still waiting on the fingerlings.

Indoors, my purple tomatillos have sprouted too!

The 3'x6' spinach bed has lots of small seedlings now.

Meanwhile, my older tomatoes are going strong. I need to move them outside pretty soon to harden. I think building my cold frames may be on the to-do list this weekend....

On the to-do list this weekend:
  • Build cold frames
  • Plant sweet potatoes (Georgia Jets)
  • Build netting covers for sweet potatoes, broccoli, and onions
  • Build clear plastic covers for sweet potatoes and basil (may have to do spinach too because that bed is attached to the basil bed).
  • Build shade cover to keep onions from getting too much sun (too much sun= start to bulb!)
  • Side-treat garlic and onions with blood meal (I did this in Feb/March, and my garlic have really thick stems. Here's hoping for HUGE bulbs).
  • Return camillas (poor things)
  • Return pink lemonade blueberries (fail.) and figure out what to buy with store credit from Blueberries. :)
  • Build mobile coop(s?) for a few of the chickens to eat grass in the backyard-- especially for the salmon faverolles that I suspect will always be picked on by the older birds.
  • Finish staining/building pergola if weather permits.
  • Plant (indoor plant) ground cherries and other peppers (if seeds arrive)
  • Paint plastic buckets-- yellow for buckets that will have lavender in them. Red for buckets that will have love lies bleeding in them.
  • Find a few big buckets-- for flower beds. I want something big, for flowers but also to paint as an accent in the one area. Big buckets will add a bit of dimension to the yard.


  1. Yea go ground cherries, and all your seedlings look fab. Girl you are so busy it makes me tired just thinking about it. How are all the chickies doing?

  2. Thanks Jenna! Chickies are doing well, but the little ones and newbies are still segregated. My red girls are so mean to them!