Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend updates

*** Note: Tomorrow I hope to post a tutorial on how to make the pea trellises I made. Stay tuned!

This weekend was pretty darn fun. I finished most of what needed to be done. I still need to finish the pergola (not a "needed to be done" project), as well as plant my carrots and fix the onions and basil up with a cover. Oh well. But much did get done.

Saturday, I headed out with a friend to go pick up our wine release. It was a dry Riesling, which is nice, but we do have a lot of Riesling right now. Oh well, perhaps this calls for Mimosas.

It was such a gorgeous day at the winery, and I HAD to take photos.

On the home front, I covered my broccoli with netting to keep the neighborhood and feral cats out. Have I mentioned how much I loathe people who a) let their cats poo in my yard, and b) don't have these cats neutered/spayed? Last night, there was some poor girl cat, probably in heat, and there was meeeeooooorrrrllllll-ing. I feel like Bob Barker: Spay and neuter your cats, people.

Closeup of the broccoli seedings.

The fingerling potatoes are coming out in full force. It makes me really happy. I was a bit concerned, as the yukon potatoes came up first and no sign of fingerling life existed. But now (especially with the rain this morning-- you can really see them), there are MANY little sprouts, and it makes me so darn happy. These are Rose Finn Fingerlings.

And here are the Yukon Gold potatoes. You can see how much bigger many of these are than the fingerlings. I had a right to be nervous... especially with only one bed of Yukons and 2 beds of fingerlings.

The spinach continues to come up!

The project of yesterday: Planting, and then covering with first netting and then plastic, Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes. They needed to be planted because I got the seedlings. I didn't want them to die as I waited for things to get a bit warmer.

So, I covered them first in netting (again, cats), and then I covered the netting with plastic. Note that the top of the plastic is slanted. That's because we get rain. A lot of it. So far, so good. I had to re-drill a board this morning (yes, in my robe, t-shirt and pajama bottoms), but the slant appears to be working with the rain we're getting right now. If you leave the plastic flat, then the rain will collect on the plastic, and the weight will bring the plastic down, smushing your plants.

The sweet potatoes are very hardy, but they like a soil temperature of 60 degrees. So hopefully, with these cloches, they will be fine. There are right at 50 sweet potato plants. They cover 2 beds fully, and then halves of two two other beds.

The peas are coming in well... particularly the sugar snaps (shown here). Unfortunately, this photo also shows how well the weeds are coming in. That will be rectified in the next few days. Yay black plastic.

The gladiolas are really beginning to come in too. I'm super excited too, because this flower bed has a mystery plant that I saved. I didn't know what it was, but I risked it being a weed and I extended the flower bed to include it. Result? I think it's a PEONY!! More on this as the plant grows.

The garlic is really coming in strong. It's the final push right now!

I side treated all the garlic with blood meal this weekend. It's supposed to really assist in bulb growth, and I really want big garlic bulbs.

The strawberries are very nicely filling in their bed too. There are so many blossoms and small berries!

B sprayed my two roses with a soap mixture yesterday. It's really common for roses to become afflicted with aphids. I noticed some on the berries, so I mentioned the need to spray them with soapy water. B was so nice and did it for me.

There should be more progress from this weekend.... but on Saturday, I found myself with a house to myself, and I decided to clean like a mad woman. Result? I will actually let people into my house again. It is so nice! Hopefully, we can keep it clean and keep up on keeping the floors clean too (a challenge in muddy Oregon springtime).

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