Monday, May 17, 2010

The cat has no shame.

Our cat, Rumpole, is shameless when it comes to scratches. He'll do anything for scratches. Deliciously wonderful head scratches. He has a bad, bad addiction to head scratches.

It's pretty known that cats do not like water. Rumpole is in this category...Except when it comes to the possibility of head scratches.

There I was tonight, um... in the shower. Who comes along but a barking Rumpole (he kinda barks, not meows, unknown as to why).

So I reached out of the shower and scratched him. This, of course, got him entirely sopping wet. What does he do?

Jump on top the sink where he can be CLOSER to the water and possibly, oh! sweet! possibly!, get more head scratches. Every moment I looked out of the shower, there was this ridiculous cat, with ginormous eyes, barking at me to make him more pathetically wet from yummy scratches...

Yup, all matted and wet.
Close up shot. The dang cat wiggles a lot, making photos a tad challenging.
Practically jumping up to reach my hand at the possibility of scratches.

Hey, do not judge me. Those scratches rock.

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