Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MY LION, you dingbat human! and cleaning up.

This is Maddie's Lion. You may think I'm a questionable dog mom for permitting her to keep such a pitiful toy. But hopefully, this photo spread will explain why I keep it around.
In addition to the hole in his neck, Mr. Lion also has a hole smack dab on his nose. His once-creamy fur is a mucky gray/tan, and his lovely fluffy mane has been trimmed/pulled out. As the above picture also shows, he's clearly lacking stuffing in at least the first third of his body.
But, obviously, a certain Madster loves him. I wish she'd love him enough to LEAVE MY SHOES ALONE (left a pair out yesterday, and she removed the cute buttons on them. Her kennel almost got put out on the deck). Corgi is at 100% attention when HER lion is being dangled from a lofty height.
And yes, in one very over-exposed photo, with bits of laundry and paper in the background (we were cleaning, sorry), the corgi "MY LION, YOU DINGBAT HUMAN" glare is given. No, I do not attack my dog each morning with mascara. I promise. She gives that stinkeye all on her very own.

In other news, the backyard is clean. No, it was never filthy, but the deck had a bunch of mish-moshed stuff on it, and the yard had bits and pieces of debris (like nursery plastic pots and deer netting and etc etc. The landlords come tomorrow.

On the house front, we have NOT received notice that they want/need to enter. But, I would not put it past them to knock on my door and say "heeeey, would you mind if we checked out x?" I don't want to give them reason for suspiciousness, so we're cleaning. Not that we have anything "suspicious" to hide. But those dust bunnies need to be gone! Yes, I will be LIVID if they enter the house without our permission and without appropriate notice. But I'll cross that what-to-do-now threshold if we come to it.

I guess the main reason we're at all cleaning up is that our lease is month-to-month. While that's great for us someday when we need to move out, it does not give us the security that we've had with longer leases.

I realllllly hope that the landlord does not declare the nasty clumpy grass in our yard to be "lawn grass" and thus require us to replace/reseed any areas where that grass may have been hurt. He said something to my neighbor a while back which gives me the worry that he may think there's more sod-type grass in the backyard than there really is. This would mostly impact us where we want to lay down mulch to keep the weeds down.

I get it. It's his property, and we're on it. We've just put a lot of work into the property, so I'm hoping the visit goes well.

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