Friday, May 14, 2010

Investing in lint rollers and weekend to-do

Frank the brat-cat decided he has a new favorite place to sleep. Yes, that's our laundry basket.
A close-up view.
Of course my husband, the softie when it comes to brat cat Frankerton, thought he looked too cute to disturb. Great, now we'll look even more like fuzzballs. I was all for piling more laundry into the basket. Then again, Frankie and I have an interesting relationship. He knows EXACTLY how to push my buttons, so, in return, I push his. I do love him, but I do think he's a brat cat too. I mean, what else do you call a cat that walks across your lap and pauses to rub his fluffy tail in your face a few times before scampering, gleefully, away?

I swear, the cat is alive in the above photos.

On to things to do this weekend:

I made two, new, edged in rock planterbeds, which need to be figured out. B made a large planterbed for herbs. There's also a large area next to our cars that I'd like to develop and put sunflowers. So, we'll tackle those.

The pergola needs to be finished. The chairs need to be (started and) finished. I've decided to paint them white rather than spend hours sanding and attempting to get the stain to match the old and new wood.

My potatoes need to be hilled, as they are getting quite large (mostly the yukons; the fingerlings I will do next week). The hilling protects the new potatoes from the sun as they form. You do not want the potatoes to get sunburned. I'm thinking of doing a mixture of coffee chaff and dirt. I can't have it too high in nitrogen, because that will result in stemmy plants and fewer potatoes. So, mixing it with some loamy, light soil and chaff will provide a loose cover but not hurt the plants.

I need to weed where the tomatoes are going to go. I then need to build tomato boxes.

I need to get some more mulch to continue our efforts against weeds.

The sawdust for my blueberries needs to be spread.

I have an almost-dead asian pear that needs to be planted in a small raised bed and nourished. The poor thing is not a happy camper.

I will need to put some netting over my blueberries. I don't want to lose them all to the birds.

It may be time to soon plant my beans. It's beginning to feel that way. This means I will need to soon build my trellises. I want to have the trellises built BEFORE the beans, that way I don't disturb the beans by building the trellises. I have many many beans. I'm excited.

I may cut some black plastic over the sweet potatoes to keep their roots warm. Hmm...

I'd like to work on my woven fence. That's a project that I've been putting off but that I'd suspect I'd love if I got started.

I need to plant pots of lettuce and pots of flowers.

I need to plant my hanging pots of love lies bleeding (for the pergola).

B needs to determine what type of hops he wants to grow. I'm thinking it'd look cool on the pergola, but also along the above-mentioned woven fence.

The fun is really beginning. I love to walk around the yard and see what's coming up. So enjoyable!

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  1. My husband is growing hops, too! We're going to have the climb our soon-to-be-deck and an attached trellis.