Monday, May 24, 2010

It's all about the pizza and cryptic explanation.

We have some plans later this week, so meal-planning will be somewhat limited to the front of the week. So, I decided that today, I should make pizza!

I have some spring garlic, so I'm thinking this will be a good use for it. And lots of feta. I recently bought feta at the store, then went to costco and got an even bigger bucket of feta. Fetaliciousness over here. What else? I don't know. We need to use up some fridge contents, so it may be pizza smorgasbord over here.

The great thing about pizza is the leftovers. Yum! So this is good, especially for a busy week where you don't want to have to buy a ton of things.

And finally, in regards to my cryptic post yesterday, all is fine. I met up with someone from my past, and it was an interesting perspective on how my life may have been different now if I had not made some decisions four years ago. It's really given me some great insight on "damn, I'm really lucky" now. I have such a wonderful husband and a pretty darn neat existence. Sure, there are things to improve upon (job, getting a house, etc etc)-- but after being in this thing called adulthood for some time now, I'm beginning to get the suspicion that there always will be. So, I'm grateful for what I have. The rest will come.

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  1. Your so funny, I actually have Sarah's email address I will send it to you. She was a meet the newlyweds feature couple a while back.

    Enjoy your pizza sounds delicious.