Monday, January 24, 2011

Air Wick Warning

We have an AirWick plug in thing, which provides constant good smells by the cat box. This is a good thing.

Now on to the bad thing. I purchased this refill pack last month.
I loaded it, and plugged it back in. Yes, it worked. But, a couple drops, unknown to me, got on my table due to the plug in thing leaking when I changed them out. And this is what happened to my table:
Yes, that's a decently long strip of completely stripped of stain and finish. The harmless, essential oil, ate through all of it! AHH!

Special warning out there to those of you with curious kids and pets.

I emailed AirWick, but their response was essentially: Look on our product. Your loss.

I haven't yet looked on their package (because who keeps that?!), but my argument is: if you market something as a natural, essential oil, but it has WOOD FINISH STRIPPING QUALITIES, perhaps you need to make that better known than in small type somewhere on the back of the box. Just saying.

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