Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No more tangles!

I needed a solution. My jewelry was a mess. It really had no home. In a box, on my dresser, on the bathroom counter, in the bathroom medicine cabinet and drawer... you get the idea.

I loved the idea of getting one of these cabinets. But our home lacks wall studs (seriously. Not sure what's going on, but we can NEVER find a stud, even with a finder), and I really was extremely hesitant about spending $200 on something that might not work AND might not work in our next home (whenever that happens).

The quasi-home of my jewelry was here, in boxes. It was a difficult system and one which did not work well. BUT, it did work well for earrings (see next photo). So I soon realized my main problem was necklaces.

See? It works well for earrings and smaller things. Yes, it does still need to be organized, but it works, ok?

So I finally decided upon a well-spaced-out TIE RACK! I purchased one from Walmart, but it was metal (but only $6), and then I found a $4 one at Goodwill. I spruced it up, and then hung it on the wall. It took me a while to sort out my necklaces (which were in clumps in a box), but now I actually WEAR them, rather than limiting myself to the few non-clumped ones.

I should also add that, unlike an armoire, the necklaces are free to hang LONG, without me having to worry about them getting caught on the next row of hooks or in the cabinet door. It works really well, and even adds a flash of color to the wall.
For my day-to-day use, I use a little box. I quickly realized that I am irresponsible and lack the fortitude to put my jewelry away everyday. The necklaces are easy; just hang them up. But earrings and such require me to find the box and put them away (SIGH!). I know, I'm pathetic. But, with this little countertop box, I easily plunk the earrings in. Then, every few days, I put them all away in one fell sweep. Hey, it works.

Plus, with the earrings all in one place, I don't lose them.

So, this is what is being tried out right now. It's about 2 weeks in, and it works REALLY well. And B is super-happy to not have my jewelry all over the place.


  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! Plus, it's such an interesting thing to have on your wall - almost sculptural, you know?

    I'm so doing this.


  2. Thanks Kelly! I completely agree-- it did turn out sculptural. You could really put this anywhere. And because tie racks have their pegs off-set from each other, you don't have to worry so much about tangles.

    I thought about painting this one, but I like how it turned out. Maybe someday-- I wanted to see how it'd work out first!