Friday, January 28, 2011

Fixing the old pages.

With two months of photos headed to me in the mail (as a note: order months separately from Otherwise, they will come mixed up and you will spend FOREVER sorting them), I needed something to do. Then, I realized I had a bit of a page to do. I think this is from February, so I'll need to make sure I plan well to accomodate these photos. At the very least, I can pull them off and reback them in better-looking cardstock.

Unlike some of my other scrapbook pages from the small album, these ones I made for what I thought would be my new 12"x12" album. But then I switched to 11x14. But, these are not really the look I'm going for anyway, so I think I can condense these three pages into one big page.
The coop page is really the only page where there is a theme. I like themes. Granted, I'm ok with the theme "Miscellaneous," because sometimes, well, you need a page to put all the Miscellaneous photos. But I'd like to make pages have more of a theme per page. I really liked the idea of having a title on a page to sort of zoom in the reader. Hm. Maybe not an official title, but at least a caption? We'll see.

I think it's possible to make these all work well together. And while some photos are cut in strange ways, I think, that by backing them with square edges, I can make these photos look coherent with the rest of the album without mussing anything up. Luckily too, these photos were put in with either rubber cement or tape, so it should be pretty easy to remove them without damaging anything.

Progress to come...

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