Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Definitely not a way to start the day.

We have horrible feral cats in our yard. Well, some of them may not be feral, they just might be the quasi-pets of our neighbors (I say "quasi" because I doubt these cats are fed or housed, just permitted to roam and poo in our yard).

Puppies like smelly things.

So, couple our pup with the small herds of wild cats (which relieve themselves in our yard), and you have the nasty situation of puppy eating nasty stuff (namely: cat poo).

So. Utterly. DISGUSTING.

We try to prevent it. We follow the pup around. But, the dog has a really good nose, so he often smells what we can't see. He is lunges to gobble faster than we can lunge and grab him.

Again: DISGUSTING. Not atypical for puppies, but still. And no amount of chastising and yelling "NO!!!" does the trick. The will is just too strong and the smell of fresh cat poo too delicious. GROSS.

But, it gets worse. Really.

What's worse is when you bring the aforementioned disgusting puppy inside, and 30 minutes later, the dog throws up partially digested cat poo. On the dog bed. A huge pile of it. Dinner-plate-sized pile. Of runny, smelly, utterly nastily disgusting cat poo. And you can't chastise the dog because obviously he feels sick to his stomach and really bad. And really, how do you explain to the dog that eating the cat poo causes the sick stomach? Golden retriever puppies are not pros on mastering deductive reasoning.

Definitely not a way to start the day.

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  1. Yuck! So gross! Especially when they go in the vegetable beds. People would throw a fit if I let my dog go in their yard, why should it be any different for outdoor-cat owners?

    We had the same problem with our dog finding 'treats' in one specific area so I applied some cayanne pepper to the spot and that seemed to do the trick. But it sounds like your problem is on a much grander scale...