Monday, March 7, 2011

Third Round and Garden!

The lug of a puppy gets his third round of shots today. He's 14 weeks old. We'll see how much the sucker weighs. First round: 10.9 lbs. Second time: 18.9 lbs. Let's put it this way: the boy is solid. Not overweight, just built. We're happy he's getting his third round, since this means (once the shots have had a couple days to settle in) he'll be 100% vaccinated. Woo! We can all start going on walks.

*** UPDATE: Bailey weighs 24.5 lbs. Hunk.

In other news: The garden is 100% planned out. We're doing a lot more potatoes this year. There are also some tomatoes, squash, beans, carrots and onions. We've been careful this year to make sure that a lot of the veggies we like are plentiful, but not overwhelming. The ability to store certain items well has played a key part in what we're selecting.
In addition to a lot of potatoes (because home grown potatoes are wonderful), we're trying two new root vegetables: Parsnip and celeriac (celery root). Both have great storage potential, and I really like celery root. On our onions (which we ordered as slips and should arrive any day now), we went with a yellow variety. Perhaps a bit boring, but we should have much greater luck in storing them than the varieties last year.

The celery root, lettuces, carrots, and peas need to be planted soon. I'll start the celery root indoors, and soon thereafter, also will start tomatoes. Certain plants have awfully long growing seasons (celery root is about 120 days), so in our long but cold-starting summer, one has to plan ahead.

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  1. Your puppy is WAY too cute! I am hoping to start in the garden soon... I miss digging in the dirt. How does celery root grow for you? I love it and it is always expensive in the store.