Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Rare and Elusive Blue Retriever

It's a new dog breed.
Meet the rare and elusive Blue Retriever.
Evidently, we need to do a better job at keeping pens ON the table or in their jar and not rolling off of the table.

Pens are, apparently, really fun chew sticks. Especially the blue ones.

Dog has since been laundered and is back to normal.


  1. Hilarious!! He really did a number on himself. Thank goodness for water-washable. Our pup decided to rub up against a newly painted fence one time... He was white for quite a while.

  2. I didn't think it would come out-- it doesn't come off of other things well. But, thankfully, it did. I was mortified. He has a vet appointment on Monday! I know the vet would understand, but I really didn't want to feel like the ridiculous, irresponsible pet owner.

    How are things with your Benjamin? I love your post updates.