Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Severely Annoyed.

A friend of mine has this part-time job. She doesn't really need it, but it's a few extra bucks. She gets projects as they come.

She was told back in December that the place she works for would be transitioning to student help sometime in the new year. But, when the new year rolled around, the place had some health issues and retirements. She was told to keep accepting work, since they didn't want to deal with a new student right then. So, she kept on working. She wasn't going to hire her own replacement.

So, this morning, she emails the group to touch bases, and let them know she's available for work.

The response: We've hired someone that starts soon. There was more to the email than that, but you get the idea.

I think she has a right to be ticked off. She was fine with the student replacement, she doesn't need this job. But if she hadn't emailed the group, they would have just, what, let someone into her office with her things still there?

I think it's utterly and completely tacky. I hate how an employer's market often makes employers act with such disregard.

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